Tar Heel Reader

Accessing Tar Heel Reader

Tar Heel Reader has been designed to allow students to use a variety of alternative access methods to make book choices and to page forward and backwards through books. The site can be accessed through a mouse, touch screen, alternative pointing devices, AAC devices with serial output, the IntelliKeys or with switches. The following sections describe each of these methods of access.

Use a Mouse, Alternative Pointing Device or Touch Screen

Click on or directly touch the choices or individual page arrows to page forward and back through the book.

Use the IntelliKeys to Access Tar Heel Reader

tar-heel-reader-access-text-img1The IntelliKeys (IntelliTools®) is a large, alternative keyboard that is typically used for writing on the computer. In addition to writing, it can be programmed with special overlays that run and interact with different programs. We have made custom overlays to allow students to use the IntelliKeys to access Tar Heel Reader.

Click here to learn more about Intellikeys access to Tar Heel Reader.

Use Switches To Access Tar Heel Reader

Students can use 1, 2 or even 3 switches to choose, read, or rate books on Tar Heel Reader. In order to use switches a computer switch interface is needed. Your assistive technology specialist can help you find an appropriate switch interface device.

Click here to learn about Switch Interface Devices.

Click here to learn about Switch Access to the site.