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About Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott Chpts.21-25

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 Uploaded This story is about four sisters who lived a long time ago. Their names are Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.
 Uploaded It is Christmas Day. The March family is celebrating!
 Uploaded Beth was very sick. She is getting better now.
 Uploaded Amy was at Aunt March’s house. She gets to come home since Beth is better.
 Uploaded Mr. March has come home! He was away helping in a war.
 Uploaded The family sits down to dinner. Beth plays the piano. They are happy.
 Uploaded Mr. John Brooke, Laurie’s teacher, loves Meg. He asks her to marry him. She says yes!
 Uploaded Amy has gotten older. She now works as a helper for Aunt March.
 Uploaded Jo writes more stories for the newspaper. She helps take care of Beth.
 Uploaded Everyone is helping Meg and John. They are getting ready for their wedding.
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