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The March Sisters

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 Uploaded Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy are characters in a story called Little Women. Their last name is March.
 Uploaded The story was written by Louisa May Alcott. It takes place over a hundred years ago.
 Uploaded Meg is the oldest. She works as a babysitter for a family with children.
 Uploaded She likes to wear pretty dresses and go to dances.
 Uploaded Jo doesn't like to dress up. She likes to write stories. She likes to run and play. She gets mad easily.
 Uploaded Jo works as a helper to their old great aunt. They call her Aunt March.
 Uploaded Beth is shy and does not like talking to strangers. She stays home and doesn't go to school.
 Uploaded Beth likes to play with her dolls. She loves to play the piano. She is very kind and cares about others.
 Uploaded Amy is the youngest. She goes to school. She can be selfish. She often thinks about herself more than others.
 Uploaded She doesn't always listen to others. She got in trouble for taking limes to school one day.
 Uploaded They live with their mom. They call her Marmee. She helps others. She teaches her daughters to make good decisions.
 Uploaded Their dad is away from home. He is fighting in a war. They miss him.
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