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About My Side of the Mountain by J. C. George

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 Uploaded My name is Sam. I’m thirteen years old. I decided to leave my home to live in the wilderness.
 Uploaded It's January. The trees have a lot of snow and ice on them. It's cold. I watch the animals in the snow.
 Uploaded Finally the ice starts to melt. It is not as cold. The days are getting warmer. Spring is almost here on the mountain.
 Uploaded I find some plants popping up through the snow.
 Uploaded One day a boy came to my mountain. Who is he? His name is Matt Spell. He wants to write a story about the wild boy in the woods.
 Uploaded I don’t want Matt to write about me. People will find me. I make up a story about a wild boy I saw once. It is not true.
 Uploaded Matt stays for dinner. He knows I am the wild boy people talk about. He promises he won’t write about me if he can come back.
 Uploaded The days are warmer and the sun shines. Who is here now? I met Aaron, a man hiking in my woods. He writes songs.
 Uploaded The woods is turning green. Matt will be back soon for a visit. He wants to see how I live on the mountain.
 Uploaded I don’t want Matt to see my camp. I don't want him to find it. I put a blindfold on his eyes so he can’t see where we are going.
 Uploaded Who else comes back? Bando returns. Matt, Bando and I make another house in a tree before they leave. It is for my guests.
 Uploaded Who else is on my mountain? A photographer comes to my woods. I tell him he can take my picture.
 Uploaded Who else comes to my mountain? More photographers come. They want to take my picture and write stories about me. I let them.
 Uploaded Guess who is here now? I hear my dad’s voice. He brings my mom and all my brothers and sisters to my mountain.
 Uploaded My family has come to live on the mountain with me. Dad is putting up hammocks for everyone to sleep in until he builds a house.
 Uploaded Mom tells me until I turn 18 I will live with my family. We will live together on my mountain. We will make this our home.
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