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About Holes by Louis Sacher Chpts. 46-50

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 Uploaded This story is called Holes. The boys in the story have to dig holes.
 Flickr The next morning Stanley and Zero wake up still in the hole. Lizards are still crawling on them.
 Uploaded They hear a new voice. A lady comes to Camp Green Lake. Her name is Ms. Morengo. She says she is Stanley’s lawyer.
 Uploaded The lady tells the Warden she has papers saying Stanley can leave Camp Green Lake.
 Uploaded The Warden tells Ms. Marengo that Stanley took her box and ran away. It is not true!
 Uploaded The boys get out of the hole. They lift the box out of the hole. It has Stanley’s name on it!
 Uploaded Stanley has the same name as his great-grandfather. It was his box. Their first name has the same letters as their last name.
 Uploaded They all walk back to Camp Green Lake. Stanley is free! He can go home. But what about Zero?
 Uploaded Stanley won’t go without Zero. Ms.Marengo says the Zero can leave! Zero gets to come with Stanley! The boys are very happy.
 Uploaded Ms. Marengo asked to see papers for Zero from the Warden. They were thrown away. Without papers at the camp Zero can leave.
 Uploaded The boys drive away with Ms. Marengo. She tells Stanley that she knows his dad.
 Uploaded She heard about Stanley and the stolen shoes. She found out Stanley did not take them. She knew he was innocent.
 Uploaded She told Stanley that his dad invented something! It makes stinky feet smell good! It smells like peaches.
 Flickr With the money Stanley's dad made he was able to hire Ms. Marengo. She found out that Stanley didn't take the shoes.
 Uploaded As they drive away from Camp Green Lake it starts to rain. It had not rained there for years!
 Uploaded Camp Green Lake closed. The Warden had to sell the land. It became a Girl Scout camp.
 Uploaded When Stanley helped Zero up the mountain he made things change. Bad things stopped happening. He lifted the family curse.
 Uploaded Zero’s name is Hector Zeroni. Madam Zeroni from long ago was Hectors’ great-great grandmother. She stopped the bad things.
 Uploaded Stanley and Zero opened the treasure. They had lots of money! Stanley helped his family.
 Uploaded Hector finds his mom! They are very happy.
 Uploaded Stanley and Hector are good friends. They never want to dig holes again.
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