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About Holes by Louis Sacher Chpts. 6-10

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 Uploaded This story is called Holes. The boys in the story have to dig holes.
 Uploaded The boys dig holes every day. It is hot. It is dirty. If they find anything, they tell Mr. Sir about it.
 Uploaded Stanley thinks about his great-great-grandfather when he was a boy. His name was Elya.
 Uploaded When Elya was a boy he loved Myra. He wanted to marry her.
 Uploaded An old woman named Madame Zeroni tells Elya “if you carry my pig up the mountain every day you will marry Myra”.
 Uploaded "Carry my pig up the mountain. Give it a drink. Sing to it. Myra will marry you", the old lady said.
 Uploaded One day Elya does not give the pig a drink. He does not get to marry Myra.
 Uploaded Stanley thinks that if Elya did what Madame Zerone said to do, bad things would not happen.
 Uploaded Camp Green Lake had lizards! They like to live in holes. Their bite is poisonous and can kill you!
 Uploaded The boys give Stanley a nickname. They call him Caveman.
 Uploaded Stanley writes letters to his mom. He doesn’t want her to worry. He tells her he is having fun.
 Uploaded Mr. P. tells the boys about the Warden. She runs Camp Green Lake. She is mean.
 Uploaded The Warden will let a boy take a break if he finds something interesting.
 Uploaded Stanley and the boys are thirsty. They put water from a tank in their water bottles.
 Uploaded The next day Stanley is digging. He finds a rock. Can he take a break? Mr. P. says no.
 Uploaded Stanley and the boys keep digging. It is hot. It is dirty. It is hard work.
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