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About The Borrowers by M. Norton Chpts. 6-10

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 Uploaded This story was written by Mary Norton. It is about very little people. They are called borrowers. They borrow from us.
 Uploaded Podd tells Arrietty that the locks and gates in their clock are there to keep her in. It is to keep her safe.
 Uploaded There are lots of dangerous things upstairs in the house. A cat would be very scary to a borrower!
 Uploaded But Arrietty isn’t afraid. She wants to see the world. She wants to go upstairs in the house. She wants to go outside.
 Uploaded Podd takes Arietty upstairs to go borrowing. He teaches her to take extra bags and look out for danger.
 Uploaded Arrietty sees the beautiful world upstairs. It is light. It is pretty. It is big.
 Uploaded Arrietty goes outside! She talks to her mom through the grate. Her mom is worried.
 Uploaded Uh oh! Arrietty is seen by a boy! He is 10 years old. Arrietty tells him she is 14 years old. But she is small and he is big.
 Uploaded The boy told Arrietty he saw a little man climbing on a curtain in the house. She told him that was Pod, her dad.
 Uploaded The boy says he helped Pod get the teacup. But is that stealing or borrowing? Arrietty tells him it is not stealing.
 Uploaded The boy says there are more big people. He tells her one day there will be no more borrowers left!
 Uploaded Arrietty tells the boy she has family that had to leave this house. Where are they? Are they safe?
 Uploaded The boy promises to take a letter to her family far away. They can write back. She will know if there are more borrowers.
 Uploaded Arrietty will teach the boy how to read to thank him for taking the letter.
 Uploaded What else can the boy tell Arrietty about the house and the outside world?
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