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About Escape from Mr. Lemincello’s Library 41-49

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 Uploaded This book was written by Chris Grabenstein. It is about Mr. Lemonicello, a very rich man who made lots of games and puzzles.
 Uploaded Sierra sees numbers on the ceiling in the library. Is it a clue?
 Uploaded Uh oh! Andrew played a joke on Sierra. He took her library card to help him find a clue. That is cheating!
 Uploaded Andres cheats! He uses Sierra’s library card to get into Kyle’s special room. He wants to find Kyle’s clues.
 Uploaded Kyle did not like this! Andrew should not be in their room. Mr. Lemincello did not like it either.
 Uploaded Andrew cheated! He has to leave the library. He will not win the contest.
 Uploaded The contest will be over in 2 hours. Mr. Lemincello will watch everyone to make sure no one cheats!
 Uploaded Charles is working all alone. Mr. Lemincello asks Charles if he wants to join Kyle’s team. He says no.
 Uploaded Haley asked Kyle if she could join his team. He said yes! Now Haley is on their team. They work together.
 Uploaded The contest is almost over. Who will use clues to escape the library? The kids get another clue.
 Uploaded Charles looked at the clues. He needs to find out what the pictures mean. Then he will know how to escape.
 Uploaded Kyle’s team thinks and thinks. What do these pictures mean? What is the clue? How can they escape from the library?
 Uploaded Just 20 minutes left! Mr. Lemincello asks if they want a challenge. Should they risk it? If they answer it correctly, they lose.
 Uploaded Kyle takes the challenge. It is a very, very hard question. The answer will help him escape the library. He thinks and thinks.
 Uploaded Charles takes the challenge. It is a very, very hard question. The answer will help him escape the library. He thinks and thinks.
 Uploaded Who will win? Who will guess the answer to the challenge? Who will learn how to escape?
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