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About Escape from Mr. Lemincello’s Library 31-35

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 Uploaded This book was written by Chris Grabenstein. It is about Mr. Lemonicello, a very rich man who made lots of games and puzzles.
 Uploaded Kyle's team found some old books. One of them had an old card with Mr. Lemoncello's name. He had read this when he was a boy.
 Uploaded Charles and his team go into their special room to look for clues. There are screens and walls you can write on.
 Uploaded Kyle and his team keep playing the game to find clues. It's Sierra's turn to spin.
 Uploaded Sierra flicked the spinner. It landed on yellow. That means she needs to look for an old book that may have their next clue.
 Uploaded The clue in the book was about stealing. It said that you should not steal.
 Uploaded They keep looking.They find a hat that was worn by a bank robber bank when the library was a bank.
 Uploaded Look! Suddenly a man appeared! He gave Kyle’s team a clue about a book that they needed.
 Uploaded Charles wants to win! He wants to get the clues that Kyle’s team has found. He wants to cheat!
 Uploaded Haley finds a clue! There were robbers in the old bank building before it was a library. She does not tell Charles.
 Uploaded A man named Mr. Audubon appeared to the team. He lived a long time ago. He gave them a clue about a bird.
 Uploaded More surprises! A white tiger walked around a bookcase. This is a special library!
 Uploaded Which team will find the clues? Who will escape from the library?
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