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About Escape from Mr. Lemincello's Library 1-5

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 Uploaded This book was written by Chris Grabenstein. It is about Mr. Lemonicello, a very rich man who made lots of games and puzzles.
 Uploaded This story takes place in a small town in Ohio called Alexandriaville. Mr. Lemincello built a new library for the town.
 Uploaded Kyle Keely loves playing games and winning. He and his brothers play lots of games. He likes video games.
 Uploaded Kyle and his brothers were playing a game. They were racing to see who could find some old coins first.
 Uploaded Uhoh! Kyle was trying to beat his brothers to the coins. He broke the window when he crawled into the basement.
 Uploaded Kyle’s dad was angry. Kyle will have to pay to fix the window and can’t go anywhere or see any of his friends for a while.
 Uploaded Dr. Z., a famous librarian, is helping to open the brand new library in town. It is a special library.
 Uploaded The new library was built in an old bank building. But it has lots of new surprises inside!
 Uploaded Inside the library has video screens on the wall and ceiling. The library could look like different places.
 Uploaded The library would be opening soon. There would be a big party for everyone. The whole town was excited!
 Uploaded Kyle’s mom told him about the new library. “It will be open next Friday” she said. “They will have lots of games”.
 Uploaded Kyle sat by his friend Akimi on the bus that morning. She told him about a special contest.
 Uploaded The winners of the contest get to sleep all night in the new library with friends! They get to play games and eat lots of food.
 Uploaded Kyle needs to write a paper about why he is excited for the new library for the contest. Uh Oh. Kyle forgot to write his paper!
 Uploaded Kyle wanted to win. He loved Mr. Lemincellos’ games. He wrote his paper very fast at school so he could try to win.
 Uploaded Maybe there will be red balloons at the party, wrote Kyle. I like balloons.
 Uploaded Charles Chiltington wanted to win. He like to play and win games. He was writing a paper for the contest.
 Uploaded Miguel Fernandez wanted to win. He likes libraries.
 Uploaded Who else wants to win? Who else will write a paper?
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