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Photo Credits

Many thanks to Flickr and the fine photographers who took and shared the pictures you see in these books. We only use pictures that have been shared with the Creative Commons license and those with no known copyright. You may click on photo credits link in any book to link to the pages on Flickr for the photos. Of course, the pictures remain the property of photographers who took them and all the restrictions they placed on their use still apply.

If you object to the use of your pictures in these books for kids with disabilities, just let me know and I’ll take the book down.

To see the credits for any book, click the Settings  menu in the upper right and select More, the link will be near the bottom of that page.

Canis Meus, Furcifer

Click on the links below to go to the Flickr page for each photograph.

 Flickr Hic canis meus est. Nomen ei est "Furcifer".
 Flickr Furcifer est canis amicissimus, et Furciferum valde amo.
 Flickr Furcifero valde placet dormire.
 Flickr Ubi canis iuvenis erat, saepe Furcifero placebat ex villa fugere.
 Flickr Furciferum paenitet semper in villa manere.
 Flickr Sed, Furcifero placet dormire.
 Flickr Furcifer canis callidissimus est. Furcifero placet nuntios per interrete legere.
 Flickr Quam pulcherrima facies est!
 Flickr Furcifero saepe placet brevi somno uti.
 Flickr Aliquando,Furcifero placet mihi obrepere!
 Flickr Furcifero placet vicinos circumambulantes spectare.
 Flickr Et, semper, Furcifero placet quiescere.
 Flickr Post somnium, Furcifero placet cum amicis ludere.
 Flickr Et Furcifero placet meum filium complecti.
 Flickr Ut semper, Furcifero placet recubare!
 Flickr Furcifero non placet frigere.
 Flickr Sed, Furcifero semper placet cibus!
 Flickr Deinde, Furcifero necesse est brevi somnio uti.
 Flickr Furcifer est custos optimus! Valde placet infantes custodire.
 Flickr Et, infantibus placet Furciferum custodire.
 Flickr Furcifero facile fatigato, necesse ei est dormire.
 Flickr Frequenter, Furcifero placet latere.
 Flickr Sed, semper, Furcifero placet festos celebrare!
 Flickr Postea, autem necesse Furcifero est quiescere.
 Flickr Miser Furcifer! Ei non placet tempestatem turbidam audire.
 Flickr Furcifero valde placet sub mensa cibum expectare.
 Flickr Maxime Furcifero placet in lecto commodo meo dormire!
 Flickr Furcifero placet per viam iter facere.
 Flickr Et per flores Furcifero placet currere.
 Flickr Sed, postea necesse Fucifero brevi somno uti.
 Flickr Deinde, Furcifero placet amicos petere.
 Flickr Euge! Furcifero valde placet secreta ex amicis audire.
 Flickr Furcifero saepe necesse est aquam bibere.
 Flickr Et, ut semper,fine diei, Furcifero, amico custodiente, placet dormire.
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