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Many thanks to Flickr and the fine photographers who took and shared the pictures you see in these books. We only use pictures that have been shared with the Creative Commons license and those with no known copyright. You may click on photo credits link in any book to link to the pages on Flickr for the photos. Of course, the pictures remain the property of photographers who took them and all the restrictions they placed on their use still apply.

If you object to the use of your pictures in these books for kids with disabilities, just let me know and I’ll take the book down.

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AAC: Core Word NEED

Click on the links below to go to the Flickr page for each photograph.

 Flickr AAC: Core Word "NEED"
 Flickr Hi, I'm Taylor and this is my sister Jordan.
 Flickr We love to play outside.
 Flickr In the Spring the sun starts to shine. Our eyes hurt in the sun. What do we need?
 Flickr We need sunglasses.
 Flickr When we look outside and see rain, we get sad. Mom says we can still go outside we just have to wear rain gear. What do we need?
 Flickr We need an umbrella and rubber boots.
 Flickr In the winter it snows in Ohio. We love to play in the snow. What do we need?
 Flickr We need a winter coat.
 Flickr When we come inside, we need to warm up. Mom gives us a special treat. What do we need to help us warm up?
 Flickr We need hot chocolate!
 Flickr In the summer, the sun beats down and it gets very hot. We need a way to cool off. What do we need?
 Flickr We need to go swimming. We can't go swimming in our clothes. What do we need?
 Flickr We need a swimsuit.
 Flickr When we've played outside all day we are very tired. What do we need to do?
 Flickr We need to go to bed.
 Flickr Hey Mom, We need our pajamas.
 Flickr Now we're ready for bed. Good night!
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