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Many thanks to Flickr and the fine photographers who took and shared the pictures you see in these books. We only use pictures that have been shared with the Creative Commons license and those with no known copyright. You may click on photo credits link in any book to link to the pages on Flickr for the photos. Of course, the pictures remain the property of photographers who took them and all the restrictions they placed on their use still apply.

If you object to the use of your pictures in these books for kids with disabilities, just let me know and I’ll take the book down.

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About Hatchet: Chapter 15

Click on the links below to go to the Flickr page for each photograph.

 Flickr About Hatchet: Chapter 15
 Flickr Brian was soon tired of fish. He craved meat. He looked for animals he might catch, like squirrels.
 Flickr He figured he had a good chance of catching a foolbird. They were slow and blended in with the woods.
 Flickr The key to finding them was to see their shape, rather than their color. Soon, he got one!
 Flickr It took patience to wait for it to cook over the fire. Brian had never tasted anything so good.
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