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Many thanks to Flickr and the fine photographers who took and shared the pictures you see in these books. We only use pictures that have been shared with the Creative Commons license and those with no known copyright. You may click on photo credits link in any book to link to the pages on Flickr for the photos. Of course, the pictures remain the property of photographers who took them and all the restrictions they placed on their use still apply.

If you object to the use of your pictures in these books for kids with disabilities, just let me know and I’ll take the book down.

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The Odyssey

Click on the links below to go to the Flickr page for each photograph.

 Uploaded The Trojan war has been over for 10 years, but the hero Odysseus has still not come home.
 Uploaded Men try to marry Odysseus’ wife Penelope so they can have control of his kingdom.
 Uploaded Penelope only loves Odysseus and does not want to marry anyone.
 Uploaded Odysseus is alive, imprisoned on an island by the beautiful but evil temptress Calypso.
 Uploaded Zeus orders Calypso to let Odysseus leave. So he builds a ship and sets sail.
 Uploaded Poseidon, god of the seas, hates Odysseus, so he sends a storm to wreck Odysseus’ ship.
 Uploaded Odysseus lands in Scheria, where he tells the Phaeacians all about his travels.
 Uploaded Odysseus returns home where he enters the town disguised as a beggar.
 Uploaded Penelope arranges a contest. She will marry any man that can fire Odysseus’ bow through 12 axe handles.
 Uploaded No one but Odysseus could do it. So the suitors got angry and attacked him.
 Uploaded Odysseus defeated the suitors was finally reunited with his lovely wife, Penelope.
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