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Tar Heel Reader always has been and will remain free for anyone to use.

That said, it does cost something to run this service. For example we bought a new server to run the site because it was getting too busy for the shared system we were using. The $2,856 for the new hardware was covered from funds that were intended for other purposes (like supporting students developing the next big thing).

Several of you have asked how you could support Tar Heel Reader. Here’s your chance. You can give online by going to the college giving site. When you get there, fill out the required personal info, and then under Gift Designation, select Other, and fill in Tar Heel Reader in the box labeled Department or Fund. I wish we could have a simple Donate link using PayPal but the university doesn’t roll that way.

Or, if you prefer, you can mail an old fashioned check to: Department of Computer Science, Sitterson Hall CB3175, Chapel Hill, NC 27599, USA. Make it payable to the Department of Computer Science and mark it for Tar Heel Reader.

In closing I’ll repeat that Tar Heel Reader is free for anyone to use.

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